Chakra series - Second Session of Mooladhara

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The podcast contains the following:

  • What is stress? How does stress affect Mooladhara chakra, and how does it affect your immunity? 
  • How to heal stress and physical illness factors? 
  • What is fight or flight mode, and what factors keep you in fight/flight mode? 
  • Metabolism process – an introduction to creation and destruction. 
  • How does your body perceive stress? 
  • A powerful Bhagavad Gita Sloka for controlling the metabolism.
  • What is Kundalini, what are the dos and don'ts regarding raising Kundalini? 
  • How does a chakra get de-aligned? 
  • What are the causes for the dealignment of chakra? 
  • What is Apana? How does Apana get disturbed and how it can be restored? 
  • A simple breathing exercise to realign Mooladhara to the Hara line Mantras for viral infection, to make a person trustworthy, to feel safe and secure Discussion about symbols of Mooladhara, lord Brahma, Daakini, and Indra. 
  • How to use these symbols to aid as a supportive tool in healing cancer, autoimmune disorders, etc.? 
  • Switch words, Bach flower remedies, and Mudra to align Mooladhara
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Chakra series - Second Session of Mooladhara

0 ratings
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