Suicidal Thoughts Behavior In Teens - Flower Remedies

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The podcast contains the following:

  • How does suicidal thoughts occur? What are the basic emotions, thoughts during that time and Bach flower remedies for each of these emotions? 
  • Detailed information about how sharing text message, photos, and social media trigger suicidal thoughts.
  • New remedy to face any challenges courageously?
  • How are children affected by daily quarrels of parents & Bach flower remedies to heal them? 
  • Switch words for children to avoid being bullied, for Schizophrenia.
  • What is Schizophrenia and its symptoms? 
  • Sensory organs that are affected by Schizophrenia. 
  • How do Schizophrenia people behave? 
  • Basic Bach flower remedies for Schizophrenia disorder? 
  • Bach flower remedies to heal the mental and emotional conditions. Which planet is responsible for such chaotic behaviour and split thinking? 
  • A powerful Mantra which can handle schizophrenia patients.
  • How to protect children and women from being abused? 
  • How to change the social consciousness and community consciousness with one mantra? 
  • A divine meditation with Supreme Divine Mother.
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Suicidal Thoughts Behavior In Teens - Flower Remedies

0 ratings
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