Ambika Mantra

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The podcast contains the following:

  • New insights on the Ambika mantra. 
  • Meaning of the Ambika mantra. Significance of Ambika mantra on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • Life situations where this mantra can be useful.
  • How to become a Karmayogi? 
  • How to attain stillness and move away from thoughts? 
  • Control your senses.
  • Ambika mantra for physical disorders, liver problems, gall bladder stones. 
  • What are the mental causes for liver and its related organs. Importance of Allopathy medicines/treatment in treating a physical disorder. 
  • Supportive Bach flower remedies and Bio-salts in treating liver problems. 
  • Mantra for liver problems. 
  • Edema Organs affected by Edema. How to deal with Edema, kidney or gall bladder stones?
  • Functions of Gall bladder. How are Gall bladder stones formed?
  • Symptoms of Gall bladder. Mental causes for Gall bladder stones.
  • Supportive Bach flower remedies, healing angel number, positive affirmations.
  • A divine guided meditation to experience and achieve stillness.
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Ambika Mantra

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