Mantra Healing Part 1 (Organ Mantras)

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Special Mantras for Internal Organs

Chant the five mantras together. This set of mantras improves thyroid also, which is responsible for all organs and stimulates all organs.

Om Hraam Namaha

This is good for heart. It can handle any heart problem. For BP do the Heart Mudra and chant this Mantra.

• Fold the forefinger down on the mound of the thumb,. Join the thumb with the tips of the third and fourth finger.

Om Hraim Namaha

It works on our Kidneys and Urinary bladder.

Om Hreem Namaha

This stimulates the lungs. It reduces fever. For fever with cold, chant Om Hreem Namaha and Om Hraim Namaha.

Om Hroom Namaha

This mantra takes care of Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas (secretes digestive enzymes), Spleen, Small Intestine and thus works for all digestive organs. This mantra heals Jaundice and provides us with vital essence.

Om Hraum Namaha

This mantra heals Constipation and gas problems, and takes care of Large intestine, which eliminates wastage elements.

Internal Organ Massage

This internal organ massage is done using Chinese Mantras. To look young, the organs have to be young. Especially intestines should be youthful and energetic. Chanting the mantras will massage the organs. They will regain their youth. When the intestine glows the face will glow too. Of course, we have to do the physical massage.

Pull the web between the fingers. Do it on both the hands.

Chant the mantra “SAHN SAHN JO LEW BA YOW WU”

You can say it anytime. It is a spiritually elevating mantra.

Activate, Normalize and Balance Your Chakras

Mantras outwardly look ordinary. However, they can do lots of things. It can lead us to live our lives better. They activate the energy centres/chakras as well. Chant the mantras below in the order repetitively: Om Lum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, and Om Hum Namaha. Please refer the link:

Mantras for Organs

Organ Mantra

Brain AM

Forehead AAM

Right Eye IM

Left Eye EEM

Right Ear UM

Left Ear OOM

Right Cheek RIM

Left Cheek TRIM

Right Nostril LRUM

Left Nostril LROOM

Upper Teeth OM

Lower Teeth AUM

Right Shoulder KAM

Left Shoulder CHUM

Right Elbow KHAM

Left Elbow CHUM

Right Wrist GHAM

Left Wrist and back of fingers JHAM

Right Abdomen PAM

Left abdomen and throat BUM

Right Hip joint TAM

Left Hip joint THAM

Right Knee/Left Knee THTHAM

Right ankle/left ankle DHAM

Right and left toes NAM

Lungs SAHN

Spleen and Pancreas WU

Liver CHI


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Mantra Healing Part 1 (Organ Mantras)

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