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Bach Flower Remedies for Diabetes, Pregnancy, Life Situation - Abandonment

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The podcast contains the following:

  • What is Type 1, and Type 2 diabetes? 
  • How to handle excess sugar in the blood with diet? 
  • Bach flower remedies for destruction, absorption, secretion, production of energy, transition, and correction? 
  • Supportive alternate remedies - homeopathy medicine, Bio salts, and gem remedies. 
  • Mantra for controlling diabetes. Pregnancy - Bach flower remedies combination to be taken throughout pregnancy. 
  • How are these combination remedies for pregnancy connected to the divine name ESHWAR?
  • Stages of development of the fetus. 
  • Basis of selecting Bach flower remedy combination at every stage of pregnancy. 
  • Meditation CDs to be listened daily during pregnancy. 
  • Remedies to handle physical and mental disturbance during pregnancy period. 
  • Abandonment - Different state of emotions arising out of abandonment and remedies to address them.
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Bach Flower Remedies for Diabetes, Pregnancy, Life Situation - Abandonment

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