Bach Flower Remedies

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About Bach Flower Remedies Ebook:

Compiled from Lectures by NARAN S. BALAKUMAR

Naran was introduced to Bach Flower Remedies by his grandfather in the 1990s. He studied the system and started prescribing the remedies to clients, who came to him for solutions. He, as well as his clients were amazed by the phenomenal results the remedies brought. After prescribing the remedies for about two years, he conducted his first Bach Flower workshop in November 2002. Since then, he has conducted regular workshops for both regular and new participants with new materials and case histories to update the participants and increase their knowledge base.

Naran has a centre where clients walk in with all kinds of problems in every area of life. He provides solutions, in the areas of health, finance, property disputes etc. He mainly prescribes Bach Flower Remedies, along with Gem remedies, and suggests other healing modalities. His success rate with Bach Flower Remedies is 99%. His most memorable case history is of a father who approached him in desperation

in the year 2003. His son had left home without telling anyone and no one knew where the boy was in spite of the father making extensive enquiries. Naran recommended that the father buy the remedies BEECH and CHESTNUT BUD from a local store selling homeopathic medicines. After the father wrote down the remedies on a piece of paper he received a phone call from his son. Both Naran and the father were astonished by the speed with which the remedies performed their miracle. The father had not even taken the remedies orally. This case further convinced Naran about the efficacy of the remedies. It also proved to him that even invoking the remedies can produce results.


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Bach Flower Remedies

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