Planet CD - Rahu With Frequency 7.83 Hz

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This product set contains:

1. Rahu with Frequency 7.83 Hz (MP3)

2. All Planets with Frequency 7.83 Hz (MP3)

3. A Guide to Planet CD (PDF)

Disclaimer for CDs

Naran CDs present the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and activate the brain. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we do not guarantee any particular result. When you undertake a CD, it is with this understanding, as each nervous system is unique and will respond differently to the program. It is highly likely, if you persist with the program that you will experience benefits, but we cannot predict nor guarantee what those will be.

WARNING - For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional. CDs with headphones should not be heard by people suffering from epileptic seizures and nervous disorders. CD should not be listened while driving, working or standing.

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Planet CD - Rahu With Frequency 7.83 Hz

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