Swadishthana Chakra Guided Meditation - Part 1

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The podcast contains the following:

  • Swadishtana chakra and its significance
  • Bija Mantra, Petal Mantras of Swadishtana & benefits of chanting Petal Mantras 
  • The presiding deity of Swadishtana Chakra 
  • What is pranayama, pranic envelope? 
  • How to repair, restore, and strengthen the pranic envelope? What is a psychic attack? 
  • How to protect your aura, when you come in contact with someone with a simple mantra? 
  • Doorkeeper of Swadishtana chakra Balancing male and female energy, desires, likes, and dislikes
  • What is soul desire, how to heal it with Varuna mantra? 
  • Bach flower remedy, Walnut & its uses. 
  • A Divine Guided meditation.
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Swadishthana Chakra Guided Meditation - Part 1

0 ratings
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