Swadishthana Chakra Guided Meditation - Part 2

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The podcast contains the following:

  • Mantra to conceive 
  • How to nullify your previous karma? 
  • What is Self-esteem, Self-worth, Self-compassion, and Self-confidence? 
  • What are the two aspects of self-worth and Bach flower remedies to address them?
  • Bach flower remedies to speak assertively, to accept challenges, and to communicate without fear.
  • Bach flower remedies for eating disorder, weight conscious, suicide tendency, and teenage pregnancy.
  • Remedies to heal children with low self- esteem, and self-worth. 
  • Three gem remedies to think differently, to learn from mistakes, to handle any problem, to handle bad period, fate etc.
  • Mantra to get back your money, recovery of mortgaged property/jewelry, share trading.
  •  A Divine Guided meditation.
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Swadishthana Chakra Guided Meditation - Part 2

0 ratings
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