Abundance Set

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Contains 4 MP3s, (Be Generous, New Prosperity Consciousness, Neo-Abundance and Debt-Free) and Instructions.

Instructions to listen to the Abundance Set of CDs

Blindly listen to all the four Abundance CDs. It will generate income.

What is the order of listening to the CDs?

Be Generous, New Prosperity Consciousness, Neo-Abundance and finally Debt-Free.

Do I need to listen to the CDs using headphones?

You have to listen to all the CDs daily through headphones only. They contain isochronic tones.

What about the old Abundance CD in context with the new abundance CDs?

The purpose of the new abundance cds is to heal the unforgiving attitude, poverty consciousness, ingratitude, and falsehood, all of which resist abundance. They also contain switch words which brings in abundance.

However, the previous abundance CD has Lakshmi mantras and switch words which are equally powerful, doesn’t handle any of your resistance to abundance. As it can be played on the speakers, play them at home, so that it creates energy of abundance at home.

Thus all the four CDs complement each other.


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Abundance Set

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