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Mantras To Stop The Spread And Restore Normalcy

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The podcast contains the following:

  • Powerful mantras to handle life situations.
  • Mantra of Karthikeya - 5 elements associated with Lord Karthikeya. Which chakras and organs are protected with Karthikeya mantra?
  • Mantra of Ma Durga - Goddess Durga helps in evolution. Life situations where Durga mantra can be used. A powerful mantra to destroy sorrow and bestow the happiness. 
  • Mantra of Sri Rama - This mantra helps you to conquer all the enemies for the sake of the world. This mantra helps you to get right guidance, at the right time and right place through right person.
  • Mantra of Lord Vishnu -This mantra acts as a shield against all hostile and negative forces.
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Mantras To Stop The Spread And Restore Normalcy

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