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Why should I develop an Attitude of Gratitude?

By Naran S. Balakumar.

For anything good done to us, we have to say thanks; especially for parents we have to keep on say love and thanks as we owe so much to them. Also say thanks to others – even to your enemy. He will become your friend then. Don’t have vengeance and hatred. They not only will sustain the enmity but will reduce Prana as well. Even inanimate things like the house you live in – say thanks to them. We have to change our attitude towards our life. What mantras are required to change it? Reiki says “You need Love, Thanks and Trust to increase your Energy Level”. Whatever good has happened to us has happened without us asking God for them. He has given us so many things. Let us say thanks to him for all those good things. Let us see the divinity in the person who has done good things to us. With Regards to Failures Even if bad stuff happens to you, in general, you don’t think that there might be good behind them. Even for the failures you had faced and for the incidents that created sadness or anger in you, offer them your thanks. “Say your thanks to what happened in your life” is the message of the Bach Flower GENTIAN. Initially start with good things. That will make you feel happy. Then you thank for all bad things.

Thanking like this will make you become stable in life. It will activate and stabilize your Basic Chakra, which is responsible for safety and security in life. Give Thanks When you give thank your heart expands and when the heart expands, the eyes expresses it with tears. When you think and thank somebody you should get tears in your eyes and that is how you must express your thanks. It is not a word, but the language of divine. What is the message of the (Animal Spirit Guide) bird CRANE? Express your thanks and gratitude to what all happened in your life. Thank those known to you, thank your parents, teachers, friends, all those who interacted with you, those unknown to you, and all the incidents – whether good or unwanted. Finally, with tears in your eyes flowing down to the cheeks, you pray and thank God. Chant “NAMASHIVAYAM” from the heart. Always lead a life of gratitude. Affirm, “SORRY, FORGIVE ME, LOVE, THANKS, DIVINE” to be in the in the attitude of gratitude. The intention is created by us to make things happen. But thanks to divinity it’s happening. Therefore, make the intention. Though at the back of the mind say to yourself, “It’s not happening because of me. Divine is around me, which I am not able to tap. Without my knowledge, it comes to help me and goes away. Therefore, I should live in the attitude of gratitude”.

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