Lose Excess Body Weight

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In two parts (I & II), please listen to both parts.

About the CD (Listen MP3 via Headphones):

Loose excess body weight is an audio program recorded in brain waves theta-4. The switch words, “TINY CHANGE DIVINE LIGHT” are the words that can reduce excess body weight.

These words are converted into tones. The tones are not audible in most of the places.

Additionally, the switch words are also recorded for more than 10,000 times in a subliminal manner, which is not audible either.

By listening to this CD every day, I hope that within a month’s time one will be able to easily reduce the excess weight. Or you may also find ways and means by which you can reduce the excess body weight.

Both things can happen.

The CD also contains affirmations, which is repeated continuously:

“I release the part of me which caused obesity”.

“I align with the part of me which reduces excess fat

“I align with the part of me which ADJUST LIGHT my body weight”.

Please refer to the link to know more about “MAGIC SWITCH” cds: http://wp.me/p12byb-32

Thank you!!

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Lose Excess Body Weight

4 ratings
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